Sunday bloody Sunday !!

I’m standing in a war arena without any weapon but to me it feels like I have lost all the interest in winning or losing a fight so I am willing to lose it all and let it all go maybe for now just for once because I think unless I lose everything I can’t have a fresh perspective. Well isn’t that something which everyone wants to get, a second chance in their life and start afresh which I understand is pretty rare these days as you just get one life-time so better not expect getting a second chance and try to give our best in the first attempt which makes it a hardest part of our life.

On the contrary, when I think about possessions then I really feel lonely cause except all this mundane but capricious emotional feelings towards everything that happens around me, man I got nothing. Sometimes I feel uptight about various insignificant situations which consumes my whole day and in the end I wind up successfully avoid focusing on all the necessary things which I’m supposed to do.

But at the end of a day, I do repeatedly remind myself that it ain’t what you wish to do that matters, it’s what you actually do is who you are, so go ahead and do what it takes cause it’s very important. A single life-time is way too short to learn everything, so try to relax, feel strong and at the same time focus on things which really matters, only then you’ll realize your purpose but unless you believe in yourself and have a real purpose, you don’t have a life. I desperately need my moment of clarity and peace of mind back as the decisions which I make now a days are still clouded by irrational thoughts.

Jules Winnfield

I just finished re-watching ‘Pulp Fiction’, one of the best movies of all time, so I’m feeling absolutely great right now and I think this is one of my moments of joy and would be a perfect time to drop all this procrastination, get off my ass and actually start doing the necessary things.


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