Source code in movies

1) Terminator [1984]: Your future is in his hands.


On the T-800’s head-up display, the assembly code is based on the 6502 8-bit microprocessor so either James Cameron wanted the Terminator from 2029 to be running on Apple II or perhaps Cyberdyne Systems itself chose Apple II for their model 101 series 800 Terminators which probably seemed cool back in 1984 but not anymore and certainly it cannot be running on vintage Apple II in 2029 unless Steve Jobs reincarnated himself and launched upgraded series of Apple computers to beat OS X using 6502. The scene occurs about 60 minutes into the movie.

2) The Social Network [2010]: You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

The Social Network_2010

It seems like a legitimate perl script written specifically for the scene where Mark Zuckerberg character is trying to search and download the images of female students from different residential houses within Harvard College like Leverett and Lowell for his facemash application. The scene occurs about 11 minutes into the movie.

3) Antitrust [2001]: A good idea can get you millions. A great idea can get you killed.


This snapshot is from the scene where Gary is trying to show Milo a better compression algorithm which he recently found from an unknown source. This one clearly looks like a code snippet taken from a web server being written in Java language. The scene occurs about 24 minutes into the movie.

4) Girl with a Dragon Tattoo [2011]: Evil shall with evil be expelled.


It looks like a valid SQL query which Lisbeth used in the scene where she is trying to list out details of suspects in her investigation. The scene occurs about 80 minutes into the movie.

5) Live Free or Die Hard [2007]: Yippee Ki Yay Mo – John 6:27


In the scene, Matthew Farrell is demonstrating his Nmap skills. The scene occurs about 8 minutes into the movie.

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