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Monitors in concurrent computing – 2 of 3

Monitor usage:

acquire(m); // Acquire this monitor's lock.
while (!p) { // While the condition/predicate/assertion that we are waiting for is not true...
wait(m, cv); // Wait on this monitor's lock and condition variable.

// ... Critical section of code goes here ...

signal(cv2); //-- OR -- notifyAll(cv2); cv2 might be the same as cv or different.
release(m); // Release this monitor's lock.

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Quick bite on Java programming language

Java logo In this post we will glance through my study notes on overview of Java programming language which is primarily sourced from Wikipedia. The intent of sharing this post is to make my study notes available to everyone for a quick reference.

• Java programming language is a concurrent, class-based, object-oriented language and is specifically designed to have lesser implementation dependencies. Continue reading: Quick bite on Java programming language ▶▶